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Gerts Cashmere Oslo is a delicate, luxurious and “ever green” knitwear company founded by Gert Pettersen in early 90’s.

Gert Pettersen started producing Gerts Cashmere Oslo as a private label for his own high-end multi-brand stores. It started only with a few men’s wear styles, which received huge response in the marked. As a consequence, other independent high-end retailers contacted Gert, inquiring to buy Gerts Cashmere Oslo for their stores. As the response grew for Gerts Cashmere Oslo, so did the collection.

Today, as you might have seen, our woman’s collection has become our main focus which are sold all over Europe in addition to Singapore and Australia.



Our main focus has always been to design styles which will easily become your first choice when choosing what to wear each day. We want to provide people with clothes that will become their favourite items for many years.

 We are extremely proud of the quality and the fitting of our products.

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